An unexpected visit from J-Hope, thanks to fan, Snoopy


A BTS fan shared a joyous moment with J-Hope while the rapper was shopping for some Snoopy items at his store.

As the world celebrated Jimin’s birthday on October 13, a lucky BTS fan crossed paths with Mochi’s partner and friend J-Hope. The BTS rapper had joined his peers over the weekend to host the spectacular Map of the Soul ON: E concert.

He also caught ARMY’s attention when he shared videos with ChimChim to wish him a happy birthday on Twitter. Now, it has been reported that the Bangtan Boy was spotted in a fan shop with a shopping bag in hand.

As Koreaboo reported, the rapper was out and about, picking up some Snoopy goods when an ARMY member spotted him. The Korean fan, who goes by @Zzimlovely on Twitter, took to his social media platform and revealed details of the memorable incident.

The fan said they worked at the store where Hobi came with a couple of friends to buy Snoopy stickers and a bowl. “I saw J-Hope in person. He came to my store and bought. He came with two friends. They talked, laughed and had a good time. They bought some Snoopy products,” you can read in the tweet.

What is it like to meet J-Hope?

The BTS fan said that He introduced herself as an ARMY member and Hoseok gave his a big smile and greeted his. “I introduced myself as ARMY and he showed me his beautiful smile and said hi. I was shaking and crying, I love you J-Hope. It’s Jimin’s birthday, but I feel like I’m the one who got the gift.”

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As expected, the follower of the South Korean boy band was very excited to have met Hobi and to see that he is someone who despite his fame remains true to himself and does not show himself with masks or masks.


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