An iPhone advertisement from Apple on the fun of privacy


Privacy is one of the most prominent features of Apple on iPhone. And we see that the company attaches great importance to user privacy with the steps it takes. In the last advertisement, this importance is given in a nice and fun way.

In Apple’s newly released iPhone ad, a man shouted that he was browsing eight websites to find a divorce lawyer on a bus full of passengers. A woman, on the other hand, tells the user login information to everyone in the theater one by one while in the cinema. The two colleagues, on the other hand, are talking to each other, saying what they wrote aloud, even to the vomiting human emoji they use. A woman is telling everyone her credit card information with a megaphone in the middle of the street.

Some of the information processed in the advertisement can be described as embarrassing and some potential privacy breaches. However, Apple’s advertisement titled “Over Sharing”, that is “Over Sharing”, helps a lot to show the importance that the company attaches to privacy. At the end of the ad, “Some things should not be shared. iPhone helps it stay that way. ” There is a message like.

As we mentioned above, Apple emphasizes the importance of privacy at every opportunity. At the event held in late March 2019 and introducing the Apple Card service, CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives, Apple’s credit card, news service, etc. He stated that all of his services were “designed to keep personal information confidential and secure.” Moreover, Apple is so sensitive about privacy that it can even resist the states for this cause. Apple denied a suspect’s request to unlock his iPhone in an investigation by the FBI into a 2016 shooting battle in San Bernardino. Because he had expressed that he believed that this was wrong and would set a dangerous precedent.

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Apple’s latest ad shows how much of our digital lives and data can be publicly available, and how technologies that can make our lives easier can easily pass information about us into the hands of others when we’re careless.


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