An invention that will delight Rick and Morty fans!


Rick and Morty is among the most popular adult cartoon series. A strong fan base has also been formed for the series, where each new season is eagerly anticipated. So much so that we see versions of the series on T-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs. Justin Roiland and Adult Swim, who are among the creators of the series that takes this a few steps further, announced the Rick and Morty butter robot prototype on their YouTube channel.

Rick and Morty butter robot looks like the show

Working with Digital Dream Labs, Adult Swim developed the robot in this context. The robot is currently in the pre-order stage and bringing a product in the series to real life makes it remarkable.

Rick and Morty has been among the most popular animations for a while. Besides that, Rick designed this robot to stretch butter in one episode, and it only appeared in one episode. The robot, which was greeted with the reactions of many people with “what if it really was”, was actually forgotten because there were so many interesting robots in the series.


The robot was depressed in the episode where it took place because it was “like a pointless”. Now it awaits owners with features such as selectable control modes, transition mode, direct control, motion and sound. This robot, which can be purchased for $ 147 in pre-order until November 30, will begin to reach users in May next year.


The robot is really simple but if you are looking for a different “butter riding experience” then you can choose this robot. We leave the link of the website for the things you wonder about the robot.

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