An Interesting Error Appeared On Google’s Search Page


Interestingly, the “Top Stories” tab, one of Google’s useful functions, stopped showing images. Google ranks first among the search pages with the information it provides to users. However, there may be some problems with these systems due to various updates.

Recently, users faced an interesting error when searching for news on Google. According to the report, Google’s ‘ Major News ‘ tab stopped showing the first image of the content. This error, which is still going on momentarily, will probably be restored with an update by the company.

Photos not showing up in Google’s Top News tab

Google’s search page has a system that gives the best results the fastest when you search for something. In particular, the company has developed a tool called “Most Read” news to help users in this regard.

But the ” Top Stories ” tab, one of Google’s useful tools, is currently not showing photos of much news. This error will not show you any images for the time being, for example when you call a phone or other information. The user will only receive information about the source of the news and its title.

The screenshot above clearly shows the mentioned error. The response from Google on this issue was not delayed. The error not displaying images, which was originally thought to be an issue from publishers, is due to a simple error, according to the search giant. Right now the company is aware of everything and will fix this issue as soon as possible.


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