An Insider Claims That Tom Cruise May Be Annoyed By Brad Pitt After Disparaging The Golden Globes and Wild Quotes


On December 12, the nominees for the 2023 Golden Globe were announced. Among these nominees was Brad Pitt in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in Babylon, but his buddy Tom Cruise did not receive a nomination for his role in the film Best Shooter: Maverick, despite the fact that the box office success received two nominations for best drama and best song. The insider claims that the disparaging attitude towards the awards of the Top Gun star hurt him quite a lot due to the fact that his irritation was directed at Brad Pitt with wild and juicy quotes.

The Best Shooter: Maverick” was a movie that could not and will not stop making money at the box office. Considering that the most profitable films of this year, such as Spider-Man: No Home, did not receive a single Golden Globe nomination, this is a huge achievement for an action movie. However, Tom Cruise did not receive a Golden Globe nomination in the acting category. According to Radar Online, an internal source reported that the “Mission Impossible” star is allegedly outraged by the neglect of this award.

Tom was expecting to receive the award for best Actor, so you can imagine his reaction when he wasn’t even on the list — he completely burned out! It was the first time in many years that Tom was so confident that he had won a slam dunk that he carefully adjusted his thank-you speech.

This may seem like a shock, considering that last year Tom Cruise returned the awards in protest at the lack of diversity in the Golden Globe nominations. Another source claims that this may be the real reason that Cruz was not nominated this year. It was a very radical decision made by a titled actor. Due to the hype caused by boycotts by celebrities and creatives, last year’s Golden Globes decided not to be broadcast on television, and the results were announced in a press release and on social networks.

Another reason why, according to sources, Tom Cruise is going crazy lies in his rival buddy Brad Pitt. Given that he received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Babylon and had already won an Oscar for last year’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the “War of the Worlds” star was reportedly “obsessed” with getting around his co-star in the movie “Interview with a Vampire.” according to an insider.

It stinks that Brad again seems to have milked his relationship with foreign journalists at the Globes in order to get his own movie— which many consider much worse than Top Gun—a ton of nods. As for Tom, it’s all Brad’s fault!

Sources also report that Brad Pitt is not the only one who can allegedly annoy Cruz. Sources say he dodged calls from former friend Will Smith after Oscar slapped Chris Rock on television. Friends of Cruz say that now he wants to stay away from Hollywood to avoid the political chaos that has been happening in this environment lately. Well, it’s going to be quite difficult for a thrill-seeking actor when it comes to Top Gun 3. Not to mention that he’ll have to promote “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, Part One and Two.” So this may be easier said than done situation.

Tom Cruise may allegedly be annoyed with Brad Pitt because of his Golden Globe nomination, but I hope this is just an assumption, and there will be no war between former colleagues. You can watch Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit in Top Gun: Maverick on a Paramount+ subscription.


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