An Insider Boldly Declares That Kim Kardashian Has Hated Kanye’s New Wife For Years


It would be an understatement to say that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship over the past few years has been incredibly complicated. After Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021, she and West entered into a lengthy legal battle, during which the starlet was officially recognized as unmarried. Since they came to an agreement last November, they seem to be hoping to move on to the next stages of their lives. West apparently did it in a big way, as reports claim that the mysterious blonde he was just spotted with is his wife. And, according to one brave insider, Kardashian has hated her for many years.

At some point, Kanye West, who recently seemed to be lying low amid a new lawsuit, apparently married longtime Yeezy employee Bianca Sensori. Shortly after the news was published, a source stated that Kim Kardashian strongly disliked Censors for many years and for no obvious reason. The man specifically told Page Six that “Kim hates her.” According to additional sources, it was also claimed that West’s staff knew about Kardashian’s alleged disregard for Censori, an architectural designer. Pointing out one alleged cause of friction, the insider said:

She’s pretty. And Kim hates beautiful girls.

It should be emphasized that at the moment these statements should be treated with a degree of skepticism. Historically, the founder of SKIMS has publicly remained silent when it came to women with whom her ex-husband met after their separation. Recent self-love-oriented social media posts from the reality TV veteran also suggest that she doesn’t care about her ex-spouse’s personal or professional affairs. One message she shared on her Instagram stories says she is entering a new season in her life:

As for Kanye West (whose official name is Ye), he now seems to be engaged in another post-Kardashian romance, although this is the first time anyone has been involved with the ring. In the nearly two years since he and his ex-wife split, he’s been with several women, from model Vinetria to Uncut Gems graduate Julia Fox, who has since said her relationship with West has hurt her career. In particular, the rapper also met with Cheney Jones, who was considered by many to be Kim’s doppelganger. (Jones herself claimed that she did not see any similarities between herself and the business magnate.)

Although Kim Kardashian hasn’t hit any of her ex’s new lovers in the last year or so, the same isn’t quite the case with Ye. The Grammy winner sharply criticized Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson in 2022 and even declared a “civil war” on the comedian. After months of criticizing the SNL graduate, the songwriter seems to have put an end to his feud with Kardashian and her beau. However, when they broke up, he returned to social media to roast Davidson—a move that Kardashian reportedly didn’t like.

It is very likely that Kim Kardashian will not take such pictures, based on how she works. However, these reports of her hating Bianca Censori are worth studying, and if they are true, it will be interesting to see how Kardashian continues to raise children with West as his new marriage progresses.

Part of this drama may play out in the series “Kardashian”, the third season of which will be available to Hulu subscription holders as part of the TV program for 2023.


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