An industry insider claims that the developers of Dead Space are working on the EA Iron Man game


According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, EA’s “Iron Man” game, which has long been rumored, is in the capable hands of Motive Studios, although the title was not presented this week at Disney and Marvel Showcase, as many had hoped. However, it was an exciting time for many Disney and Marvel fans, as the latest demo provided insight into a number of upcoming games, such as an updated version of Gargoyles, as well as confirmation of a secret Skydance New Media project involving a World War II version. Captain America and the Black Panther.

However, fans were hoping that some major Marvel and Star Wars projects would appear, including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars: Jedi: Survivor, although it seems Sony and EA have their own plans for them. However, new details have emerged about several projects that missed the show, thanks to insiders like Jeff Grubb, who revealed upcoming plans for several secret EA Marvel-related projects, such as the rumored Iron Man title.

In early August, there were rumors about a new single-player game “Iron Man”, but there were few additional details. After failing to show up at D23, Jeff Grubb tried to fill in a couple of gaps and seemed to indicate that Motive Studios is currently behind the Iron Man game. While EA Motive is currently putting the finishing touches on the Dead Space Remake, Grubb hinted that players probably won’t wait too long to officially hear about the game, although the title seems to be a long way off.

In addition to “Iron Man,” Grubb followed his tweet with a small update on another EA Marvel project related to “Black Panther.” Although there are still very few details about the game, Grubb said that a new team is working on the game, although a significant part consists of former developers who worked on Shadow of Mordor in WB and Monolith. Although this may provide a unique opportunity to add a kind of Nemesis Style system, Warner Bros placed a patent on it back in 2021, which means that it is closed to third-party studios.

As for the upcoming Marvel games from Sony and Insomniac, rumors about the possible release of State of Play sometime in September continue to circulate. Sony remains silent about this possibility, but fans are hoping for a major E3-style presentation at which the main games will be demonstrated or revealed. Naturally, God of War: Ragnarok is likely to be an important part of the game, given that it will be released in November, but fans are also hoping to see future games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as a new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine game. At the moment, fans continue to wait and hope that something will be announced soon.

There are rumors that a game about Iron Man is in development.


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