An incredible animated show of Pokemon fans meets with Articuno


A Pokemon fan animation shows what a meeting with Articuno, one of the three legendary Pokemon birds, will look like. In the first generation of Pokemon games, along with Mutu and Mew, three legendary creatures were presented in the form of the Moltres firebird, Zapdos lightning and the Articuno ice bird. Since the first generation of Pokemon, these three have become icons of the franchise. Although they may not be the strongest legendary Pokemon, they certainly have a memorable design, and many players well remember their first encounter with one of these winged beasts.

The three Pokemon proved so popular that Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno were redesigned into Pokemon Sword and Shield, the eighth generation of the core games. Of course, because of this popularity, many fan creations dedicated to the three legendary birds have appeared. In some cases, all three are represented in one piece, and in other cases, the fan chooses his favorite to focus on him.

Recently, a Pokemon fan known as MrFrtc on Reddit demonstrated what they think a cinematic encounter with Articuno might look like. The animated video, which lasts about a minute, begins with the player’s character standing on top of an icy mountain. They are surrounded by many Ice-type Pokemon, including Avalugg, many Sphels and several Abomasnows. With a unique kubon firmly attached to his head, the main character goes to the tombstone, next to which lies a letter.

“Pokemon, forgotten legends!” – Pokemon Article

A letter from the character’s father mentions a “blue bird”. At the perfect time, the Articuno swoops in, flying right in front of the animated character before disappearing back into the snowy terrain. In addition to demonstrating a cool and unique interaction with the legendary Pokemon, it seems that this animation may also be a form of fan request for another Pokemon Legends game, since the title of the Reddit message from MrFrtc is “Pokemon, Forgotten Legends”.

After the success of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, many fans wanted another game set in the franchise’s past. While the secrets of the Kanto region may be interesting, there are other contenders for regions from which to make great Pokemon Legends games. The Alola region was also highlighted as having unique knowledge that, for example, could create another Pokemon Legends game. However, new Pokemon Legends are likely to appear in a few years, as currently Game Freak seems to be completely focused on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on Switch.


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