An important innovation that will work for YouTubers


YouTube is bringing the ‘old and new viewers’ feature to help YouTubers’ view analysis. Channel owners, who analyze channel and video statistics on Analytics, will have more control over who watches the videos they upload.

The Analytics tool in YouTube Studio has been opened to YouTubers with the title of “better understanding different trends in your audience over time”. Thanks to this metric, channel owners have the opportunity to make statistics on their videos with higher quality. YouTubers will be able to implement a strategy for their future videos according to the new viewing rates of their videos.

YouTube will present old and new viewers’ statistics

Currently, it is possible to check whether all videos are watched by subscribers in YouTube Studio. However, with the new feature, analysis can be made according to the audience of each video. The feature available on YouTube’s web version uses the names ‘Returning viewer’ and ‘Unique viewer’. There is also subscriber information here. This information is accessed from Analytics> Audience tab. In order to make a special analysis for each video, you need to go to the analysis page of the video.

A promotion was made for data that allows them to be evaluated as old and new viewers on YouTube Analytics. A ‘unique viewer’ describes users who watched the channel for the first time. However, these users also include users who watch from the hide tab, delete their viewing history and have not watched the channel for 1 year. For the “returning viewer”, the ratio of users who watched at least 1 video from the channel within the selected date range appears.

YouTube announced the following for the new feature:

“Better understanding your audience: See how many new viewers have arrived on your channel. Determine your content strategy: Decide if you can attract new audiences by experimenting with new content and formats. Check if you can create more consistent content to build audience engagement. Decide on your future videos: For example, if there is an increase from a particular video, you can persuade the audience to come back with a video similar to that video. ”

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