An important day for these 19 altcoins: that’s what they will be!


The cryptocurrency market has turned green with a noticeable increase of $3,000 compared to Bitcoin. Altcoin prices have also started to rise. It is known that in addition to BTC, another factor affecting prices is the development of projects. That’s why investors are constantly looking for what’s new in their favorite cryptocurrency. In the list below, we have collected what will happen to which cryptocurrencies today. Here are the details…

What will happen in these 19 altcoin projects?

After yesterday’s price dropped below $39,000, Bitcoin bulls returned to the scene and pushed BTC up by several thousand dollars. The altcoin space is also doing well today, thanks to impressive double-digit growth from NEAR Protocol and Terra. Today the projects will include the following:

EOS (EOS) will host an EVM launch event. In addition to the launch, answers to questions asked by users will be given via Twitter Spaces at 16:00 Turkish time.

Synapse Network (SNP) will integrate Solana (SOL) and support all Solana wallets.

FTX will add the NEAR (NEAR) protocol to its spot platform with the US dollar and the USDT pair at 17 Central European time.

Filecoin (FIL) will hold a meeting in Amsterdam today.

Ergopad (ERGOPAD) will announce a “whitelist” for the Ergogames IDO round.

KuCoin places Sperax (SPA) with a pair of USDT and Ethereum (ETH) on TSI 16.

TXA (TXA) starts the pre-distribution staking process today.

BitMart lists MOBLAND (SYNR) with a pair of USDT.

MEXC Global hosts Animal Concerts (ANML) with a pair of USDT on TSI 18.

Kommunitas (KOM) will host the IKO Legion Network.

KuCoin places pSTAKE Finance (PSTAKE) with a pair of USDT on TSI 13.

Today BitMart hosts UniFarm (UFARM) with a pair of USDT.

Sovrin (SOV) will hold a community meeting.

Conflux (CFX) will hold a session on Twitter Spaces dedicated to the evolution of multi-chain wallets using TokenPocket.

XT.COM posted SocialGood (SG) with a pair of USDT on TSI 13.

MEXC Global posted Squawk (SQUAWK) at 07:00 CEST with a pair of USDT.

MEXC Global places Metarun (MRUN) at 17 CET with a pair of USDT.

Chain (XCN) is hosting a Q&A event via the Huobi Global Telegram channel.

Faith Tribe (FTRB) is hosting a question and answer event with Cryptology.