An expensive MrBeast video on YouTube Doesn’t make a lot of money


The YouTube star MrBeast has a reputation for organizing wild competitions. They often involve giant sets and huge cash prizes, showing that he is not afraid to spend a lot of money on his videos. And it clearly works, as MrBeast has over 102 million subscribers.

However, on one YouTube video, the creator can earn so much money. MrBeast recently collaborated with streamer Ludwig in an incredibly expensive YouTube video, the production of which cost $ 1 million. However, the video does not seem to get its money back, and Ludwig revealed a rather meager profit from the video.

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MrBeast presented the video to Ludwig’s channel as part of a collaboration between the creators, and since it aired on August 2, it has gained more than 2 million views. This was enough to make it the second most popular video on Ludwig’s YouTube channel. However, the streamer reported that the video has earned only about $3,838 since it went up in price last week. And while it’s still a lot of money for a single YouTube video, it’s still a loss of over 99%.

The video itself is a race between two teams looking for a $100,000 prize. Four participants were assigned to complete a number of tasks on their way to places. Examples included things like navigating a giant glue trap, stealing scrolls from a sumo wrestler’s belt, and opening safes with working lightsabers created by YouTube bloggers and famous “Star Wars” Hacksmith Industries fans. The result was an incredibly expensive 11-minute video, which did not quite suit MrBeast. However, instead of just destroying it, he allowed Ludwig to publish it on his channel.

Although the video brought him 2.2 million views and about 8,900 new subscribers, Ludwig explained that he could not save less than $4,000 that it brought. it would be a little crazy,” Ludwig explained, looking at statistics during a recent broadcast. Despite this, the popular streamer seemed to be very pleased with the quality of the video.

Notably, MrBeast also uploaded the video to one of its additional channels, MrBeast Extra. However, as of August 10, this version has gained only 7,286 views, so it probably replenished MrBeast’s bank account a little. The YouTuber was apparently counting on Venmo’s sponsorship to make a profit, since there is an advertisement for the service in the video. However, since this sponsorship reportedly fell through, the YouTube video seems to have become a significant financial loss for MrBeast.

However, many fans were undoubtedly excited to see major content creators like Ludwing and MrBeast come together. And although the circumstances that led to MrBeast gifting the video are quite specific, it would be interesting to see if he can do something similar in the future.


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