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When Kyler Murray signed a massive contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals earlier this week, the deal made a splash in the NFL world because of the big money. But on further examination, another aspect of the contract attracted people’s attention.

The Cardinals included an addition that required Murray to do four hours of “self-study” during each game week.

Here is part of the controversial point:

“The Player does not receive any Independent Study Points in respect of any time periods during which any material is displayed or played on an iPad or electronic device, unless (a) The Player personally studies or reviews the material during its display or playback. or (b) The Player engages in any other activity that may distract his attention (for example, watching TV, playing video games or browsing the Internet) while showing or playing such material.”

Because of the “distraction” he created, the Cardinals removed this addition from Murray’s contract.

During Friday’s episode of Get Up, ESPN NFL analyst Damian Woody criticized the Arizona-based organization for this fiasco.

“What the hell are the Arizona Cardinals doing? First of all, Kyler Murray. You didn’t have to sign the contract…” he said. “If you had ‘studied’ the contract, you would have seen this addition.

“…And Arizona Cardinals-You’ve told everyone what you think about your quarterback. You’ve told everyone that you don’t think your quarterback is a good student in the game… It’s all just a disaster.”

Murray held an unscheduled press conference on Thursday to discuss the backlash over this supplement controversy. He said it was “disrespectful” and a “joke” that people would question his work ethic.

Murray and the Cardinals will try to get rid of this distraction by continuing to train in training camp.


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