An enthusiastic gamer makes an intro version of Arcane for Mass Effect


Mass Effect is one of the most beloved RPG franchises in modern games, and the character set is a big reason for this. Since many hoped that the Mass Effect TV series would introduce these characters to a new audience, one fan combined the cast of the game with an introduction to the hugely successful Arcane game.

Arcane has enjoyed great success with both League of Legends fans and those who are not familiar with the plot of the game at all. The unique animation style and great performances allowed characters such as Vai and Jinx to establish contact with the audience, and many asked for similar shows for franchises such as Overwatch and, accordingly, Mass Effect. While Amazon’s Mass Effect series is likely to be a live action movie if it ever gets the green light, many would certainly like to see an Arcane-inspired animation project one day.

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One of the many great aspects of Arcane is its opening section, which features magnificent statues of the show’s actors. As the audience views the visuals, the Imagine Dragons song “Enemy” plays in the background. With a popular track and a beautiful set of opening credits, many edited versions of the episode have been posted online. The latter comes from Reddit user ZeoNyph, and it includes their username, BioWare, and EA in the credits list. However, the real stars of the intro are the statues.

A secret introduction, but it’s Mass Effect. from the mass effect

These statues assume the same poses as the Arcane characters, with the first pair of sculptures depicting Liara and Shepard standing back to back. Zaid is holding a crystal, and Tali is reading a book. Garrus is a great replacement for Caitlin, as he looks great in her pose and holds his signature sniper rifle. Captain Anderson and everyone’s beloved Legion of Geth appear. As the video continues, more Mass Effect characters appear, and by the time it ends, most of the cast is represented.

At the end of the animation, Shepard is seen using his omni-tool during a fight with Saren, the antagonist from the original game. Then the logo appears, and ZeoNyph perfectly recreates every aspect of the Arcane intro. It is clear that a lot of effort has been invested in this project, so it is not surprising that the Mass Effect community showered the animator with praise. Along with over 3,000 votes, commenters shared how much they liked this edition and encouraged other Mass Effect fans to watch Arcane.

Although the version of the Milky Way and the Zaun region in Mass Effect are very different, it’s nice to see such an ambitious crossover working so well. While it remains to be seen if the Mass Effect show will ever become a reality, it would be nice to see an official intro reminiscent of the Arcane intro if it happens.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.