An Elven Ring player shot a hilarious IRL video with his character


Since the release of Elden Ring, the gaming community has given her a lot of attention in real life. Although they include custom statues and replica items, one Elden Ring player did his best to recreate the tarnished ones they played for.

Although the creator of the Elden Ring characters allows players to make their Tarnished look like themselves if they so wish, the latest FromSoftware release also offers a choice of several different types of armor and hats. While reworking some of these things in real life certainly took some effort, Reddit user RealCaptainSteel clearly coped with the task. They made and wore their own Jar helmet that was sewn together.

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Seeing an image of this Jar-carved helmet would have been fun enough on its own, but RealCaptainSteel did its best by making a full video featuring the costume. In the clip, you can see the rest of the outfit, including a gray robe and a fashionable raincoat. Some dark pants are also worn, and all this serves the overall aesthetic and makes the detailed Jar helmet even better. Although the outfit is commendable, as is the video player’s montage.

My character from Elden Ring IRL from Eldenring

In the entertaining Elden Ring video, a Redditor user activates the Grace Site, and a message about the opening appears on the screen as soon as he moves his hand in front of him. Like this suit, the Zone is clearly homemade, with a yellow light surrounded by pieces of gold and gray paper. Along with this opening of Site of Grace, the player breaks several pieces of furniture, and during the clip, a chair and a cat tree are demolished.

Other funny moments in the video include a mug with the inscription “I love Malenia”, although the most interesting thing in the footage undoubtedly happens towards the end. At one point in the clip, a Reddit user sits down on the grace Site to rest, apparently spending time when another person appears in the background of the frame. After RealCaptainSteel’s friend finishes repairing all the broken furniture, the Redditor user gets up from the Site and rolls to the ground, causing all the objects around him to collapse. A great hint at the mechanics of FromSoftware, which consists in folding objects to break them, and it’s not surprising that Elden Ring fans reacted well to the clip.

This clever video more than deserves the 2,500 votes it has received so far, and hopefully it will inspire other gamers to create similar videos. With so many unique sets of Elden Ring armor, there are a lot of designs that would be interesting to see in the real world, and a lot of mechanics that you can joke about.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.