An Elven Ring fan made a LEGO Toy


The Elden Ring community has done everything possible to express appreciation for the latest FromSoftware release, and new fan art is constantly appearing on the web. One of the common creations of the community are custom models, and one Elden Ring fan demonstrates a blocky look at the most difficult boss of the game.

While Redditor’s LEGO build makes their post unique, fans have seen some incredible models so far. Players noticed stunning statues of Malenia in stores, and some players even made figurines to order. These include props based on Let Me Solo Her, the legend of the Elden Ring community, famous for thousands of victories over Malenia. While it remains to be seen if Reddit gaberives users will create LEGO Let Me Solo Her to fight Malenia, their take on the Goddess of Rot deserves a lot of love.

First of all, Redditor deserves praise even for taking on such a task. After all, the armor that Malenia wears is extremely complex, which makes it difficult to implement them with blocks. Despite this difficult aspect of the assembly, gaberives coped with the task, as Malenia is instantly recognizable even in its block form. The Redditor also includes a special stand for his LEGO Malenia figurine, on which the character stands on a brown platform. Her legs seem to indicate movement too, as they look raised off the ground as another LEGO is used.

My LEGO Build of Malenia by Eldenring

Redditor uses some non-standard elements for this build to better convey aspects of the Malenia design. For example, her fluttering red cape is represented by one long and thin detail on the back of the model. In addition, the wings on her helmet are perfectly positioned and look exactly the same as on her gaming headdress. On Malenia’s neck there are LEGO rivets depicting fur, and there is also a special golden hand. She was even seen holding her weapon, Malenia’s hand.

Obviously, in addition to these special parts, the Reddit user used several ordinary LEGOS in his assembly. Malenia’s pointed helmet is well realized, as is the brown clothes she wears. Her arm is made of thin and long parts, and gray pants are also included. The post was on Reddit for less than a day, but during this time it has already gained more than 650 votes. Commentators such as Nox_Echo also dubbed the creation “Michella’s Brick,” while Scientific Flamingo changed her iconic quote, saying, “And I’ve never lost a single detail.”

Such posts demonstrate how passionate and creative the Elden Ring community can be. As DLC is supposedly on the way and the game continues to sell, the number of fans will continue to grow, as will the line of characters to pay homage to.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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