An Elven Ring Fan Has Found a Real Medallion That Looks Straight Out of the Game


Elden Ring has conquered the gaming world since its release in February and could become the biggest release of the year. The game is known for its incredible complexity and formidable bosses, such as Malenia, who are the hardest to defeat. In fact, some streamers, such as Dan Giesling, have made over 3,000 attempts to kill Malenia, while other legendary players, such as the famous Let Me Solo Her, have defeated her 2,000 times.

Naturally, Let Me Solo Her acquired a legendary status and received a gift bag from Bandai Namco, which includes a fancy sword. They are known by the nickname Klein Tsuboi on social networks and have become a bright beacon in the Elden Ring community, inspiring other players to get the most out of the role-playing game.

Players often encounter real objects or places that seem to be taken directly from the game, for example, a stone resembling the scarab tears from the Elden Ring. In a similar case, another gamer found a real version of one of the mascots in the game, a medallion made of crimson amber. Reddit user JoseMongo uploaded an image of a pendant that looks almost identical to the crimson amber medallion from Elden Ring. The image looks like a shop that sells these artifacts, and shows the price of the specified item at 10 pounds.

The crimson amber medallion +3 can be found at the Oxfam dealer. from Eldenring

The Reddit community positively received this post, as it garnered hundreds of votes with a 99 percent vote ratio, as well as several commendable comments. Some users even noted the similarity of the medallion with the key to William’s prison from the movie “Another World: Evolution”. At the same time, other Reddit users were surprised by the affordable price of the Elden Ring artifact at just 10 pounds.

Many fans don’t know that the crimson amber medallion is one of the best talismans of the Elden Ring, including other famous talismans such as the Seal of Radagon, the Favor of Erdtree and the Magic Scorpion. These talismans can be extremely useful in dealing with difficult bosses, especially towards the end of the game, as they give players unique positive effects.

The crimson amber medallion is available in several versions, and it can be found on the Crying Peninsula, in the Volcanoes Estate and in Leindell. The main advantage of this talisman is that it increases the player’s maximum HP, and each variant has effects of different magnitude, with the +2 variant increasing HP by 8 percent. Gamers can even sell a crimson amber medallion for the highest price of a thousand runes.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S.