An Elden Ring fan made a cap for the keys of Alexander the Iron Fist


FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has been around for about six months, and despite the fact that the developer remains silent about any major upcoming updates or DLC offers, the gaming community remains active and invests. From fan art and cosplay to the Internet-famous cult icon Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her, the fandom surrounding the super—complex fantasy game seems to persist for many years. The latest fan effort of particular interest comes from Reddit user dylpickle300, who created a special keyboard in honor of Iron Fist Alexander.

Lovingly custom-made action figure, this version of the beloved Elden Ring character is too good to be used for its intended purpose. While Alexander’s bulky body seems strange when typing, a short video posted on r/EldenRing proves that the keyboard cap is made firmly — which, unfortunately, cannot be said about Alexander himself.

The staunch warrior Alexander can be found in several places in The Lands Between, however, as is often the case with non-player characters in FromSoftware games, his story ends in tragedy. After completing the quest line of Alexander’s Iron Fist, the player fights with the Warrior’s Jug, which, despite his best efforts, falls apart after several blows. This is a tough moment for all the living can fanatics, but at least this player will be able to keep his memory alive with every press of the exit key.

I made this handmade keychain from Alexander the Iron Fist from Eldenring.

Recently, Elden Ring mini-figures created by fans have been especially popular. From a slightly petrified but well-made tin foil witch Ranny conversion to a huge 3D print of one of the walking mausoleums in the game, many fans seem to love creating real-life versions of their favorite game characters. In fact, dylpickle300 wasn’t the only fan who created the statue of Alexander the Iron Fist. About a month after the release of the game, RutoSenpai 3D printed and hand-painted a model of Alexander that looks capable of withstanding a mighty blow.

While the fan-favorite Warrior Jar probably won’t be returning, some speculate that live pitchers could play a role in the upcoming DLC. Many have linked the three locked areas of the Elden Ring Colosseum to potential new content, and one of them is guarded by a massive living vessel known as the Great Vessel. He currently offers the player a series of challenges and awards them with the Great Jar’s Arsenal Mascot, but some believe he will be moved or reassigned if the Colosseum he guards really plays a role in the upcoming content.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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