An Elden Ring fan has revealed incredible details about the fight with Godfrey


Elden Ring is one of those games that fans will theorize about and find new details for many years to come. This is especially true because, although it is not confirmed, many are looking forward to FromSoftware announcing the new Elden Ring DLC. This can help fill in some of the gaps left by the story, as it sometimes feels like players are putting together pieces of the puzzle without the full story.

ELDEN RING SPOILERS AHEAD, however, one recent discovery is interesting. Anyone who has passed the Elden Ring and seen one of its endings, if not all, knows that the last test before entering the Erdtree is Godfrey. Inside, players will meet the second Elden Lord Radagon and the manifestation of Great Will, an Ancient Beast, but before that, their last challenge will be Godfrey. However, according to official information, the Elden Ring player is also a problem for Godfrey.

As Redditor user M24Spirit pointed out, Godfrey’s initial cut scene will show his grace guide pointing to a tarnished player, which in many ways means that the player serves as a boss for him before he can regain the title of Elden Lord. Godfrey is the first tarnished, and many have followed him into the Badlands (and Godfrey’s cut—out content suggests the player was one of them). His return obviously involves the return of his grace, according to the official knowledge of the Elden Ring.

Hidden Detail: Before the battle with Godfrey, the cut scene shows his grace guidance pointing to the Tarnished Ones. We are as much an obstacle to Godfrey as Godfrey is to us. In other words, we are also the boss for him! from Eldenring

The events of Elden Ring are organized by Marika so that she can apparently escape her fate and her connection with the Higher Will. Many fans assume that Tarnished was never meant to be an Elden Lord; instead, they were supposed to do the rough work for Godfrey, who would then take his runes and carry out Marika’s plan with the Elden Ring. Whatever the plan, it seems that the fight between the first Tarnished and Tarnished player was organized by the grace of Marika.

This makes the duel almost as epic as the battle between the Blood Hunter and Herman. The key difference here is that Hunter and Herman fought to save each other from the nightmare and suffering of Hunter’s Dream, while Godfrey and Tarnished fight to see who will become the next Elden Lord. Of course, players can also choose one of the endings other than Elden Lord, following the ending of Age of Stars with Ranni or the ending of Lord of Frenzied Flame.

In any case, entering Airdtree is a duel where, judging by Lore, Godfrey’s strength is not inferior to a tarnished player.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.