An Elden Ring fan creates a list of boss levels after completing the “New Game +7”


Since its release in February, Elden Ring has become one of the most famous action role-playing games and the main contender for the title of game of the year. The FromSoftware name has many notable features, including an open world and exploration, impressive combat, exciting quests and high difficulty. Elden Ring is home to over 100 bosses, many of which are considered to be among the most challenging in the history of gaming. Among them are such famous names as Malenia — the Blade of Michella, Margit — the Fallen Omen, the Red Wolf of Radagon and many others.

These bosses are scattered across the vast open world of Elden Ring and have a unique set of attacks and special abilities. Players who have completed the game have found that some bosses are much more difficult to defeat than others, and they can be classified according to their complexity. Reddit user Marca-Texto is one such player in the Elden Ring, who divided different bosses into a list of levels based on personal criteria.

Marca-Texto uploaded an image to a social media platform showing their level list containing over 90 bosses from the Elden Ring. Interestingly, the player did not use the traditional values of the list, such as S, A, B, etc., but chose his own arbitrary ratings. The highest level is called “Best”, followed by “S” and “Amazing”. Morgott — The King of Omens, the Beast Priest/Maliket, Godfrey, Margit and Mog — the Lord of Blood — are top-level bosses. Level S contains names such as Godrick the Grafted, Crucible Knight and Patches, and the “Amazing” level includes bosses such as Starscourge Radahn, Red Wolf of Radagon, Black Blade Kindred and Godskin Noble from Elden Ring.

I made NG+7, RL1 and am working on RL1 with only weapons +0. Ask me anything. from Eldenring

In addition to the top three levels, the user created four lower levels: “pretty cool”, “medium”, “cancer” and “worst”. There are at least ten Elden Ring bosses in all of these categories, with the exception of the “Worst” category, which has only four names. Commander Niall, Fii Champions, Valiant Gargoyles, and Wormface are the bosses assigned to the lowest level. It should be noted that this list of levels is not based on the difficulty or abilities of the boss, and these bosses are randomly selected by the user.

The post soon attracted the attention of the Elden Ring community on Reddit, which responded with hundreds of votes in a few hours. The image also received a lot of encouraging comments when people asked the original poster the criteria for this list of Elden Ring boss levels. Marca-Texto explained that they played a new game plus seven without raising the level, used only plus zero weapons and developed a list of levels accordingly.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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