An eerie spider nest in Kim Kardashian’s mansion


Kim Kardashian made sure to throw in the strange Halloween party even though it was canceled due to the pandemic.

Kim Kardashian has done her best for a spooky season by transforming her mansion into a webbed den.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 40, invited her 190 million Instagram followers on a tour inside the spooky Halloween-themed house.

Not shying away from the extravagant, the reality TV star made sure to throw in the bizarre party even though it was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The haunting video began with Kim Kardashian filming the exterior of her home as she moved the camera across a giant pink tarantula that sat on top of her mansion.

Kim Kardashian is afraid of spiders!

Although the proud mother of four is absolutely terrified of spiders, she vowed to create the best Halloween for her children who are “obsessed” with all things creepy.

Almost every inch of the makeup mogul’s prized home was covered in cobwebs as she transformed her tiny mansion into a Halloween fortress.

As she continued the epic tour, Kim Kardashian told fans that she transformed the family library room into a trampoline room where her children could jump to their hearts’ content on the special day.

The brunette bombshell also shared fragments of her living room, dining room, and kitchen, all with monstrous spiders scattered throughout the spacious rooms.

Creepy music and haunting sound effects emanated from the hallways as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed fans her spooky home.

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