An Apple Music feature was added to Spotify after 2 years


The expected lyrics search feature for Spotify has finally been released to users.

Spotify, which supports Epic Games in the tension between Apple and Epic Games, thinks that Apple has led to unfair competition because it has a monopolistic understanding. How will this new feature change Spotify?

Spotify meets the lyrics search feature

The introduction of this feature, which was added to Apple Music via iOS 12, to Spotify users after 2 years caused criticism, but many people laughed. From now on, it’s easy to find songs on both the iOS and Android versions of Spotify by typing just a few words.

In addition, a list will now be published in the music service that has been operating for 12 years. This list will include the most popular songs in 1 week. Thus, both the artists and the fans of those artists will meet on the same ground and celebrate the success.

Spotify şarkı sözü arama

It was announced that the lyrics search feature, which is available to those who subscribe to this system, has a function called autocomplete. You don’t have to remember all the lyrics of a song.

All you have to do is write the phrase about the move in the search box and select the song you want from the songs with that phrase. Whether Spotify’s strategy will make a big impact, we will see.

Do you think Spotify can make a difference with its lyrics search feature?

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