An app to save the heartbeat of a loved one


For almost a year, we have lived surrounded by sadness and death due to the global pandemic that has devastated the world. There are those who can still talk to their loved ones, and there are those who no longer.

Every day we see figures on TV, in the news, but after each number there is a being, a person, a relative of someone who has left in the most desolate conditions possible: alone, on a hospital gurney, without power hug those you love. It is the damn reality that surrounds us, and there is no more.

Feel: Feel heartbeat app

The most direct memory we have of a loved one is a photo of him, a video, a message, but what if we could have something deeper? Something like the beating of his heart, the very sound of a person’s life? This is what a mobile application called Feel: Feel Heartbeat, from TheTouch company does, which allows you to “feel the heartbeat of loved ones in your hands”, and also save it as a memory.

The application works with the camera and the mobile flash to detect the blood flow in a person’s finger and calculate the heartbeat from it. The records that can be made are short, 7, 15, 30 or 60 seconds. And once done, users can send, receive and save the heartbeats of their loved ones and pets on their mobiles, although for the latter it is necessary to find a hole in their hairless skin that the camera can read.

A year before

They can also be accompanied with small phrases to express what you feel. Feel is available in 28 languages, including Spanish, and also includes a function that monitors your heart rate and provides daily statistics.

“I wish we had launched the ‘app’ Feel a year earlier, so that millions of people can feel and save the heartbeat of their loved ones, especially those who are no longer with them,” say its creators, and they are right.


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