An app to avoid uncomfortable silences in video calls


With the current situation in which we live, with the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are working from home, teleworking or tele-studying, and making daily virtual meetings, video calls with colleagues to organize and catch up. However, on many occasions, when users wait for another person to join the meeting, there is a silence that can be quite uncomfortable.


Has it ever happened to you to wait and the tension to get a bit uncomfortable? And it is that we are not often with friends, but with colleagues with whom we may exchange a few words a day, or we have no relationship outside the work environment. For this reason, and to avoid uncomfortable silences or someone talking about their children, football, politics or in a ‘brother-in-law’ plan, we have the UHMMM application.

UHMMM is an app that aims to avoid uncomfortable silences during video calls in a quite original way: Using elevator music. Just when the silence in the video call lasts more than 3 seconds, the app will activate its song library to try to stop it.

Download UHMMM

According to its website, UHMMM is a tool for a modern problem with an old solution, since elevator music began to be used in 1922 to “calm fearful passengers using elevators for the first time.”

To use this application available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, you just have to download the UHMMM app at this link and then it will run in the background, being able to choose between a free version that brings 2 songs, or a paid version that includes those two and the option to play any song you have on your PC.


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