An anomaly with The Winx Saga: Bloom and the Burns?


The Winx Saga is a great success. The episodes were therefore devoured by the fans. Moreover, a key scene seems abnormal.

In recent weeks, The Winx Saga has been making a lot of talk on the Web. So fans watched all the details. Thus, a scene appears abnormal.

Netflix subscribers were thrilled to experience the live action of The Winx Club series. The famous fairies were therefore back in the flesh. Enough to make a lot of people happy then.

Thus, Bloom, Stella and Musa have landed on the online streaming platform. Aisha and Terra have joined the three fairies. It seems then that the 5 high school girls are unanimous.

Besides, they could be that other original fairies join the adventure. Something to delight fans of The Winx Saga then.

Indeed, Flora and Tecna are set to make their comeback. With such magical powers, the series should therefore intensify. Not bad !

The followers of the series are therefore looking for the slightest clue. Thus, they spend a lot of time watching season 1 of The Winx Saga.

And one element surprised viewers. During the scene where Bloom and Sky are about to hunt the burns, a shocking detail is therefore surprising.

The Winx Saga: An anomaly in a scene with Bloom and the Burns?


A scene full of emotion surprised fans of The Winx Saga. And for good reason, when it comes to killing the burned, Bloom sends a message to ask his friends for help.

Thus, Stella, Aisha, Terra and Musa arrive to support their friend. And yet, Internet users then wonder how the fairies figured out the location of the pretty Russian.

This question therefore intrigues all fans of The Winx Saga. It is true that Bloom gave no clue as to his position. So they had no way of finding where she was.

Besides, the fire fairy could have found this position thanks to her senses. But that’s not the case with his friends. The scene therefore amazes the Web. So there would be a consistency problem.

So, it seems very unlikely that it could have played out the way it was shown on screen.

On the other hand, a solution was found by fans of The Winx Saga. The fairies could therefore have combined their powers to find Bloom.

Indeed, Musa would then have followed the emotions of Bloom and Sky. For her part, Stella would have turned on a light to reveal their traces. As for Terra, she would have followed her earthly powers.

Many mysteries are still to be detected in The Winx Saga. Season 2 promises to be explosive. To be continued.


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