An amazing way to preserve the character of Ralph Dibny


Arrowverse devotees were shocked by the announcement that actor Hartley Sawyer would be fired from The Flash, due to a series of racist and sexist comments he had made on his personal account.

With Sawyer not returning for season 7 of The Flash, the show’s writers have a little trouble on their hands. The Flash season 6 finale ended with Sue Dearbon framed by Mirror Mistress.

Fortunately, there is a way that a new actor can step into the role of Ralph Dibny and explain the change in appearance in a way that is true to The Flash canon.

This exists in the Secret Six story where Ralph Dibny became someone else and acquired a new identity. Ralph from The Flash’s ability to change his facial features made it easy for him to pretend to be a simple private investigator with no powers.

Season 7 of The Flash could see a new actor in the cast as Ralph Dibny, who becomes “Damon Wells” to work incognito in those environments where the face of Ralph Dibny is already known.

This would be a smart way to keep the story with Sue going until it comes to a close. There’s also a bit of comedy as Ralph might find himself unable to restore his appearance this way they’d have something solid to excuse the change in The Flash.

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