An amazing Overwatch clip shows Reinhardt committing four murders in one fiery blow


The wait for Overwatch 2 has almost come to an end, as the expected game is coming out in early access in just over a month. While many are waiting for the sequel, gamers continue to play the original Overwatch 2016. And in the meantime, players continue to come up with incredible moves, for example, one of the variants of the game made by the talented player Reinhardt.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as FEDEuMAD shared a clip from a recent Overwatch game. In the video, the power of Reinhardt’s FireStrike was shown in full. It is worth noting that Reinhardt was not played in the clip by FEDEuMAD, but by their friend, known as Menu in the video. Although the Reddit user didn’t make the clip himself, he said he found it very satisfying and wanted to upload it.

The clip began near the last checkpoint on the map of Havana, when the Menu playing for Reinhardt managed to destroy the enemy Reinhardt by pinning him to the wall. However, the Menu was far from finished as they turned their attention back to the payload. After receiving a nano-acceleration from Ana and an increase in damage from Orisa, Reinhardt launched a Fire Strike directly at a group of enemies on target. Before the opposing team could react, a Fiery Strike hit the group, destroying four enemies in the process.

My friend sent me this 4k with one fiery punch, I find it very satisfying from Overwatch

As if the Fire Strike wasn’t enough, Reinhardt continued walking forward and applied the Digger to the remaining Soldier 76 in the enemy team. Then they destroyed them with one swift blow of their hammer. Not surprisingly, this incredible sequence of events led to the fact that the Menu worked on the game.

This Fire Strike game with a menu published by FEDEuMAD has had a big impact on the Overwatch subreddit since it was shared about a week ago. In fact, the clip became so popular on Reddit that it gained more than 4.7 thousand votes. Among the comments from gamers, many players were impressed with the game, and some even said that they wanted to try the Tank in Overwatch for themselves. In addition, some noted that they liked Reinhardt’s solo Earthshattered the Soldier 76 at the end of the video. “The cherry on the cake for the team kill was also that solo crash at the end. Imao,” wrote Shizfest on Reddit.

It is often interesting to watch what incredible games players manage to get even years after the first launch of the game. In addition to this impressive fire strike, many other players have demonstrated their tank prowess as Reinhardt. For example, one player recently applied an incredible Earthshatter on the Anubis Temple map in Overwatch. Time will tell what other highlights with the participation of this fan-favorite Tank will appear on the Internet in the coming days.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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