Amy Schumer strikes back after she was accused of a shortage of tampons: “I don’t even have a uterus”


Why wait? Amy Schumer is being blamed for a shortage of tampons across the country, and even she is confused.

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“Wow, I don’t even have a uterus,” the 41-year-old Life & Beth star captioned a screenshot with the caption about this story on Instagram. The comedian, who shares 3-year-old son Gene with husband Chris Fisher, underwent a hysterectomy in September 2021 due to excessively painful periods caused by endometriosis.

Prior to the surgery, Schumer appeared in several Tampax ads in 2020, including one in which she enlists the help of a gynecologist— and a doughnut! — show the audience how to insert a tampon correctly. After the doctor and the I Feel Pretty actress successfully insert a tampon into the dessert, Schumer takes a bite out of the doughnut. In another commercial, she discusses what size of tampon and when to use, and this place has been praised for breaking the taboo around menstruation.

After Schumer released a series of commercials with the brand, “retail sales growth skyrocketed,” a Proctor spokeswoman told TIME & Gamble by Cherie McMaster in an article published on Tuesday, June 7. According to the publication, “demand has grown by 7.7% over the past two years.” , and the company operates its Tampax plant in Auburn, Maine, around the clock and seven days a week to meet demand.”

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In response to the response of the host of the 2022 Oscar ceremony on Instagram, dozens of celebrities inserted their five kopecks, laughing at the idea that Schumer caused a shortage of tampons.

“Which one???????” — Katie Couric commented incredulously, and Kerry Washington joked: “I knew it.” Padma Lakshmi replied, “LOL.” Amber Tamblyn didn’t even use words to adequately express her thoughts. “😭😭😭😭😭”, – she shared.

Others continued their own jokes. “I use hundreds of tampons a day to do household chores,” one person wrote. “I’m glad you can stand the heat. Another commented: “Lmao, now you’re messing with the supply chain 😂😂 what’s next? 🤣🤣🤣».

Despite any accusations, Schumer, who was also outspoken in her decision to have liposuction after a hysterectomy, completely loves her body this summer. Last month, she shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a black corset.

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“With the section. Hysterectomy. Lipo. This summer we need to let love in,” she signed the post. “I’m trying to be healthy and strong for myself and my family. I want to feel hot too. In the prime of life. Let’s go. Who’s with me?”