Amy Coney Votes Barrett’s Nomination to Supreme Court


The United States Senate – with a Republican majority – will confirm this Monday that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump, will become part of the Supreme Court. The approval process has been controversial as it was held in a rush and within days of the presidential elections.

Democratic senators opposed the vote for Trump’s nominee and recalled that nine months before the 2016 elections, the Upper House – also with a Republican majority – blocked the nomination of then-President Barack Obama to the country’s highest judicial body alleging the proximity of the elections.

Barrett’s nomination came just days after the death of progressive Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served on the Supreme Court for 27 years. With the entry of Barrett, the conservative majority is consolidated, with only three of the nine judges considered liberal.

It is expected that after the confirmation of Judge Barrett, on Monday night Judge Clarence Thomas will take the official oath at the White House, according to ABC News, which cited sources from the presidential residence.

In her first week on the Supreme Court, Barrett will have to make weighty decisions for Donald Trump and the future of the country. One of them will be access to Trump’s tax information, which a New York prosecutor has requested. The Supreme Court will also decide on the counting of votes in key states for the elections and on abortion in Mississippi.


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