Amy Adams returns as Giselle in the first trailer for Disney’s “Disappointment”


Disney’s “Disappointed” has just received its first trailer. The long-awaited sequel to “Charmed” by Amy Adams looks set to raise the stakes for her magical fish-out-of-water story, proving that even “happily ever after” doesn’t mean the problems are over.

Adams once again plays Giselle, a former animated future princess who ended up in a live-action New York in the first film. Now, 15 years after her original Disney adventure, she and her husband Robert (Patrick Dempsey) are moving to the suburbs, but things aren’t as perfect as they seem. The nefarious community leader (played by Maya Rudolph) seems to inspire Giselle with some insecurity, causing problems. Maybe she’s some kind of evil fairy godmother? Soon new problems arise, and Giselle’s unfulfilled wish endangers her family and homeland.

The trailer released by Walt Disney Studios sets the stage for fans who remember the beloved original Enchanted. Unlike its predecessor, Disenchanted seems to start in the “real” world and then bring in fantastic elements. But it retains much of what people loved, with many returning faces. In addition to the two main roles, Idina Menzel and James Marsden feature prominently in the trailer as their characters from the previous film. Morgan, Robert’s daughter and now Giselle’s stepdaughter, is now played by Gabriella Baldacchino instead of Rachel Covey, who previously had the role.

The trailer’s aesthetic really stands out, as Giselle’s desire turns the real world into a fairy-tale setting filled with magic, princesses and some striking visual similarities to Disney films like Cinderella and Rapunzel: A Tangled Story. As events unfold, things get even more out of control, with royal outfits, changing buildings and traditional talking animals. Keen-eyed viewers will even notice the return of the 2D animation they saw in Enchanted, which certainly makes sense, since Giselle living in the real world does not mean that her cartoon house Andalasia has ceased to exist. However, her desire for a perfect life with Robert could end up putting that world at risk.

Enchanted 2007 was an unexpected hit, offering an interesting meta-look at the traditional tale of Disney princesses. Curiously, “Disappointed” will offer a much less common second look at such a story. It is often possible to take a cliched idea and turn it over to create a smart new story, but such options are usually of a one-time nature. Thus, as a sequel in which viewers can not only see what happens after “happily ever after”, but also see the continuation of what would normally be a one-time joke, “Disappointed” has the potential as a fairly fresh premise.

Perhaps the continuation of “Charmed” can give hope to other films that were previously considered disposable. Of course, there are many possibly unnecessary sequels. But, on the other hand, there is something to look at.

The premiere of “Disappointed” will take place on November 24, 2022 (Thanksgiving Day for American viewers) on Disney Plus.


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