Amurant Destroys Hatred For Saying She Will Need A “Real Job” When She Gets Older


Twitch streamer Caitlin “Amurant” Siragusa has completely shut down the troll, saying that she will have to find a “real job” when she gets older and her appearance begins to fade.

Amurant has become one of the biggest stars on Twitch with millions of viewers across the internet, from YouTube to Instagram, and her biggest ATM: OnlyFans.

The cosplayer and model has built an empire thanks to her huge profits, investing in everything from gas stations worth tens of millions to plastic ball manufacturing companies.

On October 7, Siragusa threw it all in the face of the hater after he disagreed with the success of the content creator on the World Wide Web.

Amurant sends a troll to the realm of shadows

Amurant is used to dealing with subscribers of all stripes — both with those who sincerely enjoy her controversial content, and with those who do not. But on this day, feeling frisky, the jacuzzi streamer decided to turn on the latter type.

On Twitter, the user noted that one day her appearance will “fall into the wall”, and when she is over 40, she will no longer be able to “push” her breasts to earn money.

“You may have to get a real job,” said the hater of the British. He had no idea that he had awakened the sleeping giant.

Shortly after this comment, Siragusa attacked the British woman, explaining that by the age of 40 she would not even need to lift a finger.

“If I just put my money into the S&P index (say $VOO, based on historical average returns) by the age of 40, I’ll be worth $100 million,” she replied, before delivering the final blow. “Stay at your real job, it suits you better.”

Ouch. In the future, those who have problems with the streamer may think twice before teasing the bear. She won’t lie down and won’t hold on. Fatality. Amurant wins.


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