Amouranth’s team gives an update after the police visit after the husband’s accusations of violence


An employee of the Twitch streamer “Amouranth” confirmed that the TV presenter is alive and safe after an alarming stream revealed her relationship with her abusive husband.

Late on the evening of October 15, the popular Internet persona Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa aired on Twitch during a phone conversation with her husband – information that many fans did not know about.

An erratic phone call revealed that Amurant is in an abusive relationship and her husband is yelling at her throughout the conversation.

Amurant revealed a series of text messages from her husband in which he threatened to kill her dogs and empty her bank accounts if she did not follow instructions.

Her broadcast ended abruptly: the door opened behind her, and her assistant asked if she had taken medications off-screen. Many fans and fellow streamers worried about her safety, and the likes of Aliniti and Ludwig reached out to her to ask about her well-being.

Content Leader Amouranth Confirms Twitch Streamer Security

On October 17, Amouranth’s leading content manager posted a tweet claiming that the streamer was safe and that the police had come to her home “several times.”

According to the poster, Amurant said that “everything is fine” with her, so there is “little that law enforcement agencies can do.” The host of the content also states that Amurant is currently talking to her husband to deal with the consequences of her viral live broadcast.

“Last update on Kate/Amurant: people from the team were able to talk to her and she says she’s fine,” the message reads.

“The police came several times, starting at 5 am yesterday. She says she’s fine, so there’s not much they can do. She had been talking to her husband all day to sort things out. I don’t know what else we can do right now.”

This latest statement followed several other streamers contacting the Amurant team and even law enforcement agencies to find out about her well-being, and Ludwig allegedly received a statement from his assistant that Amurant was “safe and well.”

Many fellow broadcasters spoke out in support of Amurant after her disturbing live broadcast, and names such as Valkyra, Jessica Nigri and Lilipichu publicly supported the streamer and condemned the negative reaction to the news.


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