Amouranth Shares His Top Career Goals, and They Are Incredibly Useful


Twitch giant Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa has revealed where she ultimately wants her streaming career to lead, telling xQc that she intends to focus on animal welfare and protection.

Amouranth’s career continues to develop. Freed from abusive relationships, she adjusted her content depending on what she wants to do.

We saw how she immersed herself in hilarious streams, which, in turn, aroused the wrath of AuronPlay. Most recently, she hosted an epic birthday live broadcast, inviting xQc, CodeMiko and other top-level creators to her abode.

During a conversation with the former in a subsequent live broadcast, she revealed her ultimate career goals based on the wealth she has accumulated on Twitch and similar ventures.

Amouranth told xQc about his main career goals

xQc started by asking what its success is based on. — Is this all going somewhere? – he asked. — For example, to something. Isn’t there a vision of all this?”

Answering, Amouranth said that she wants to use her stream for education, especially in relation to animal protection and shelter.

“Yes, I have a vision,” she said. “I want to take my stream and use it to teach people about animals. And I want to love rescue dogs and horses. I want to have my own shelter or work in an existing one, or I want to be able to work in an existing shelter and support it with huge donations. Fund it and help save more animals.”

She continued: “Then I also want to have my own separate empire, like hundreds of acres, hopefully, and have my own dude ranch where people can stay to experience the ranch lifestyle. Just like communicating with animals. Use this property also to help rescue and rescue horses.”

This is an incredibly useful goal, and given the amazing numbers that Amouranth has shown, it seems achievable in the near future.


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