Amouranth Says That She Is Married And Is Being Abused By Her Husband During A Stream On Twitch


Twitch streamer Caitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa spoke about her marriage and the abuse she is being subjected to by her husband, live on October 15.

Warning: Some readers may find some aspects of the following article unpleasant.

Amouranth is one of the biggest names in social networks, regularly attracting thousands of viewers to its JustChatting broadcasts and game broadcasts on Twitch.

However, the live broadcast on October 15 became very disturbing, as Siragusa revealed that she was stuck in a toxic and abusive marriage.

The video of the stream in question is not available on the Amouranth Twitch channel, but clips are circulating on various social networks showing how the streamer emotionally discusses the abuse she has been subjected to and continues to be subjected to.

She made a number of accusations against her husband, including that he threatened to kill her dogs, controlled her finances, forced her to stream and that he would leave her with little money.

In one video, a streamer asks her husband why he said he was going to kill her dogs, to which a male voice responds: “Get out of the house” before getting angry, insulting and accusing her of lying.

In the messages, Amouranth is regularly insulted and called a “stupid bastard”, and is also often threatened.

A number of responses claim that she dumps her luggage because she doesn’t follow instructions, while others call her threads “garbage.”

In the stream, she also promised to break up with her husband and said that her loneliness “is about to become true.” This happened after he allegedly demanded that she pretend to be unmarried and start bathing in the Jacuzzi.

She also claimed that she had not previously reported her marriage on her husband’s instructions. He allegedly told her that it would destroy their “business model”, so it was kept secret.

The stream abruptly ended after an invisible female voice asked if she had taken the medicine.

Naturally, many fans are concerned about Siragusa and her well-being. Many also praised her bravery for sharing the abuse she suffered.


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