Amouranth Is The Only Female Streamer in Twitch’s Top 100 As Pokimane Takes a Break


Although it’s no secret that male streamers have always dominated the Twitch platform in terms of the number of viewers, for the first time in a long time, only one female streamer got into the top 100 as of October 2022.

There are several ways to measure popularity on Twitch, and none of them is wrong. You can rate streamers by who has the most subscribers, the highest average audience, or the most subscribers. But perhaps the most revealing statistic is the viewing hours.

It simply counts all the time spent by individual viewers watching the channel. This means that it is not affected by ultra-high peaks of views, a lot of gifted subscribers or followers who can distort other indicators.

Of course, viewing hours are statistics closely related to viewing hours, and this is an important reason why Amurant is now the only female representative in the Twitch top 100.

The 100 Best Twitch Streamers

top twitch streamers october 2022

In October 2022, Brazilian streamer Gaules was the most viewed presenter on Twitch in terms of the number of viewing hours thanks to his popular joint broadcasts of major CS:GO to Rio.

He was joined by the debutant of the top 10 Knicks, a Russian Dota2 streamer, who had a big surge in viewers in October.

Looking at the women’s chart, Amouranth comes out on top, followed by Vtuber Shylily, and the third place is taken by streamer Valorant Kydae.

According to the data , an analytical partner of StreamElements, Amurant was the only woman in the top 100 most popular streamers overall.

Amouranth — a beacon for female streamers on Twitch

There are a number of reasons why only Amouranth got into the top 100. It is noteworthy that Pokimane, which is usually also in the top 100, did not stream much at all in October after a break in its usual schedule.

However, Amurant’s high audience was not exactly in ideal conditions, as the controversy surrounding her relationship with her husband spilled out into the public, accusing him of mistreatment and control over her career.

Amurant seems to have come out on the other side of this situation, and for the better, returning to her usual content, but at her own pace and presumably without a controlling figure in the background.


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