Amouranth Hosts a Crazy Birthday Celebration Broadcast With xQc, CodeMiko and Others


Twitch star Amouranth is hosting a crazy birthday celebration broadcast featuring xQc, CodeMiko and other prominent content creators on a new content monetization platform: Slushy.

Over the past few years, Amouranth has made it clear that she wants only the best in her career.

From crazy investments, shopping at gas stations, and even influencing the creation of one of Twitch’s biggest categories, Amouranth has done it all.

On her birthday this year, she joined Slushy and will hold a crazy birthday celebration together with other Twitch xQc stars, CodeMiko and others.

Amouranth holds Crazy birthday Streams

On February 3, 2023, starting at 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, the pre-game broadcast of the Amouranth birthday celebration will begin exclusively on the Slushy platform.

In just two hours, at 14:00 Pacific Standard Time, Amouranth’s broadcast will switch to her personal Twitch channel.

To make things even more interesting, Slushy will be streaming its broadcasts on vehicles throughout Los Angeles throughout the day and evening.

We will update this article as soon as these cars hit the streets to give you an idea of how crazy the Amoir is going with this holiday.

Founded in 2022, Slushy is one of the newest content monetization platforms that offers creators unlimited space to host specialized content by subscription. However, only invited authors post content on the platform.

This is not the only event that the Twitch star has held this month, as she recently went to the 18th century on a date with fellow streamer Benjamins.

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