Amouranth beat Pokimane, Valkyrie and others and became the best female streamer


Last year, the popular Twitch streamer Amouranth surpassed Pokimane and became the best female Twitch streamer in the world. Amurant holds fast to this leadership, as at the moment she is the most viewed streamer of the year, and the total number of views outshines her closest competitors.

This is according to statistics collected by StreamHatchet, as reported by Dexerto. According to the data, Amouranth has currently been viewed 8.2 million hours. Pokimane is in second place with 4.5 million hours of viewing, which still makes her one of the best Twitch streamers in the world by a significant margin. Valkyrae, another incredibly popular streamer, was in fourth place with 4.3 million hours of viewing, behind Miko Ch. which had 4.5 million hours of viewing in third place.

There are some factors to consider when it comes to these statistics. One of the reasons why Amurant is the best female streamer on Twitch is because of how much she streams. Amouranth broadcasts more than anyone else, reportedly equaling xQc in the number of hours of streaming. It goes without saying that this gives Amouranth a significant advantage over its competitors, as they simply don’t broadcast or create other content as often as it does.

In fact, Pokimane is currently taking a break from streaming, which Amouranth almost never does, except when it is banned on the platform. Amurant has been blocked several times on Twitch for various offenses, although she always finds her way back to the streaming site in the near future.

Since Pokimane is taking a break from streaming, and Valkyrae is on YouTube, which simply does not have a streaming audience like Twitch, it is likely that Amouranth will comfortably hold its lead. Of course, it’s also possible that Amouranth will take some kind of extended break at the end of this year, which confuses everything, but it seems unlikely.

Fans of Amouranth can expect that she will be actively present on the Internet, if possible, broadcast live on Twitch and create other types of content. She has made it clear that she will do such work until it no longer makes sense for her, for example, when her passive income begins to exceed what she earns from creating content. Amurant has made several large monetary investments and has several sources of income, so if the day comes when she leaves Twitch behind, she will still be ready for life.


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