Amouranth Appears As a Character in an Adult Anime Game


Twitch giant Kailtin “Amouranth” Siragusa said that she appears as a character in an adult game, which is sure to arouse interest in the community.

In 2022, Amouranth became the largest female streamer on Twitch. In terms of the number of hours viewed, she was 12 million ahead of the runner-up Ironmouse.

It also led to her expanding her business by launching a full-size body pillow, which retails for a whopping $119.95.

Now she has revealed that she is actually a playable character in an adult anime game.

Amouranth appears in the title of the adult anime

In a tweet on January 4, she advertised a graphic designer vacancy on her alternative account.

The attached images suggest that the role will be to create anime-style streamer images, which further revealed that she is actually a character in the existing anime title.

“Also check out the mentioned game, I’m a character in it!!!” she said. Attached are images showing Twitch star versions in anime form.

The game in question called “H** tai Heroes” confirmed the addition of Amouranth to the game back in late December. In her playful form, you can see several revealing outfits.

We are sure that the appearance of the Twitch streamer in the game will bear fruit, and given its advertising by a graphic designer who agrees with “adult things”, there may still be more content in this vein for Amouranth fans.

He joins her lucrative OnlyFans page, which, according to her, brought her more than $2 million in one month back in December.


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