Among Us Will Be Free for Nintendo Switch For a Week


Among Us: Nintendo came up with good news for Nintendo Switch users this Monday (19). According to a company post on Twitter, the game Among Us will be free to console owners between July 21st and 27th. During that time, anyone can download and try it for free.

After this period, the game will still receive a 30% discount at Switch’s electronic store until August 1st. Thus, even those who miss the opportunity to play it for free can purchase it with a reduction in value later.

Rise in the pandemic

Developed by InnerSloth and officially released in June 2018, Among Us is a multiplayer game always highly rated by gamers. However, its popularity took off during the covid-19 pandemic that swept the planet in early 2020.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, many people found in the game a way to interact with friends and keep entertaining while respecting the recommendations of social isolation. In December 2020, the game passed the 100 million downloads mark — despite having only been downloaded 1 million times as of May 2019.

In late September 2020, a report in The Guardian newspaper even claimed that around 60 million people were logging into Among Us’s servers every day. In the midst of all this, the game went viral on Twitch streams and followed the trend by TikTok and YouTube.

game mechanics

For those still unaware, Among Us takes place inside a spaceship with a maximum of 10 players. Players are divided into two groups: the crew and the imposters. While the first group is in charge of carrying out various missions on the deck and ensuring the operation of the ship, the imposters will do everything to create sabotage and try to assassinate the other players.

In return, the crew can call meetings to decide among themselves who is a potential imposter and expel him from the ship. The problem, however, is that unsuspecting players can get tangled up in their arguments and get kicked into space anyway.

This atmosphere of mistrust creates a huge tension between players, who will need to decide who to trust and sometimes put themselves in a position to be betrayed by their friends. Even after being eliminated, crew and imposters can continue to contribute to the plot as ghosts in charge of the same missions. Currently, the game is available for PC, Mobile and Consoles.