Among Us: what is it and how to install it on PC


We explain what it consists of and how you can install the Among Us proximity chat on PC to hear the voices of the rest of the players with precision.

Among Us! It is one of the most successful titles of this year 2020 that we are about to leave behind. There is no doubt that Innersloth’s work, available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch mobile devices has reached all corners of the world. However, the title has been somewhat limited in options and functions. Therefore, the players themselves have had to develop various ideas to complement those sections that the work lacks. One of them is communication and for that reason, below we will tell you everything about proximity chat, how its meaning, utility and how to install it to use it when playing Among Us on PC.

What is the Among Us proximity chat?

It is a tool or application created by the Ottomated user that allows us to adjust the level of the voices of the rest of the players depending on the distance at which they are in each of the game’s maps. Of course, the “negative” part is that all the players in the game must have it installed, since otherwise it will not work. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it is a software under development, so it will be normal that we find various bugs and errors as we test it.

How to install proximity chat on Among Us (PC)?

Once we have downloaded and opened the corresponding files, we will have to follow the steps that appear on the screen to successfully complete the installation. When we have it installed, we simply have to open the version of Among Us that we have on our PC through the newly installed app. Without further ado, the proximity chat should work for us and we should be able to test it in our next game.


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