Among Us, VR Announces the Skuld II Map and New Sus Gameplay Features


A brand new gameplay trailer for Among Us VR demonstrates new virtual reality gaming capabilities along with the new Skeld II map. In the original version of the social deduction mobile game created by independent developer Innersloth, some players have to repair a spaceship, while others hunt them as alien shape-shifting impostors. Last year, a brand new and exciting version of your favorite game was announced in the VR trailer “Among Us”, which is scheduled for release this year.

Despite being first released in 2018, “Among Us” received a huge surge in popularity in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a multiplayer game, most players take on the role of teammates who have to perform various mini-games on the map to win the match. Meanwhile, the impostors are outwardly identical to their teammates, but their goal is to kill other players and avoid prosecution. Virtual reality “Among us” will breathe new life into your favorite game, completely immersing players in its world. A recent trailer for the gameplay of “Among Us” in virtual reality shows how this experience will be broadcast in a first-person view, and now a number of new features have been revealed for the virtual reality version of the game.

The VR developer among us, Schell Games (via YouTube), has unveiled a new game trailer during IGN Summer of Gaming. The video offers a look at how the virtual reality title adapts mini-games, ventilation and emergency meetings into a multi-user virtual reality. For example, players must manually complete tasks with their hands, and Impostors can cross vents in first person. While the original map of “Among Us” was a spaceship called The Skeld, the action of “Among Us VR” will take place on a similar but slightly different map called The Skeld 2. Other features available at launch include voice chat with proximity, one- and two-handed movement modes, and localization in eight different languages. The trailer can be viewed below:

Although the release window of the game still remains a mystery, some data point to the December release date of “Among Us VR”. The launch of the immersive adaptation of the experience of social deduction from Schell Games is scheduled for this year, but the official dates have not yet been announced. However, the Steam database recently listed the game’s release date as December 13, 2022. This date has not been officially confirmed by Schell Games in any way, but the release at the end of the year will allow Among Us VR to come out just in time for the holidays

Among us, VR seems to be a faithful adaptation that breathes new life into a popular mobile game. The new version of “Among Us” will take players to Skeld 2, where they will perform immersive tasks, communicate in the first person and hold emergency meetings using voice chat. Although the release date of the game is still unknown, Among Us VR promises to be anything but Sus.