Among Us to Top on PornHub as well as Game Lists


Among Us, which has become a more popular game lately, has strangely become one of the most sought after on Pornhub. The game, which is not sexual at all, was searched 700,000 times in a single day on Pornhub.

First Among Us, which debuted in 2018, but gained its main popularity in 2020, is currently being played a lot by both broadcasters and players. The rapid popularity of this indie game seems to have attracted attention in extremely strange places. The newly discovered game made fans search for Among Us even more on Pornhub.

We have seen that a game is searched on adult content sites like Pornhub, but these games were generally games with realistic graphics like Overwatch and The Witcher. In a report published by Pornhub in 2019, it was announced that video games are among the most sought-after content on the adult content site. The real difference is that Among Us does not have the graphics to look for on an adult site.

Searched 700 thousand times a day

Sexless, Among Us, with characters without a definite form, was searched 693,820 times on Pornhub on September 16. Apart from this day, the title of the game, which is searched 115,000 times in September, shows that the players are curious about the various parodies of Among Us. While “Among Us” was the most searched adult site on September 16, it managed to pass the searches of many games for the rest of the month. The game surpassed Overwatch with 115,000 searches per day, but fell behind Fortnite with 130,000 searches per day.

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Among Us was released in 2018 by InnterSloth, a three-person developer team. Discovered by a number of small and medium-sized Twitch broadcasters in 2019, the game made its main debut in late summer 2020. So what do you think is the reason why Among Us is so searched on an adult site like Pornhub? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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