Among Us surpasses 60 million daily players


The explosion of the game in recent weeks is historic for a title that is three years old. Among Us! Over 60 million daily players.

An unthinkable figure to imagine when it went on sale three years ago, and even unthinkable during the month of July this year. The work, which exploded thanks to the momentum of some streams on Twitch and has become the game of the moment, has had spectacular growth in recent weeks since it began to emerge at the end of August. A game that last year had a dozen active users and that climbed to 10 million in September, a figure that before the end of the month has already multiplied by six.

Before the end of the first week of September, as can be seen in the graph just below this paragraph, they had already exceeded 20 million users. In the middle of the month, the game had almost 40 million active users, something that has not stopped growing until reaching the current 60 million. Highlight, as seen in both cases, the bulk of users comes from Android, followed by iOS users and leaving PC users in third place, far from being the majority.

On Steam it keeps growing

The game is on sale on Steam for about three euros, and there has also had a blazing growth in users. In September 2019 there was an average of 166 players and had a peak of 431 users playing. A year later, the title finds an average of 135,000 users and a peak of 438,524, its current record according to Steamcharts. Something that remains, because in the last 24 hours the peak was more than 400,000 users. A real madness. The first Steam data is in November 2018: there were 19 users and an average of 2.3.

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