Among Us: recreate deaths from Final Fantasy


A video compiles different historical moments of great sagas through the game of the moment, Among Us, available on PC and iOS and Android mobiles.

Among Us is one of the great surprises in the video game sector of 2020, despite the fact that it has been available long before. In a banner year marked by COVID-19 lockdowns, multiplayer titles and game broadcasts are a constant, and InnerSloth’s work appears to have been created for the occasion. Now, the user Landonardo has compiled in a video the most emblematic deaths of the world.

From Super Mario World with Mario and Yoshi to Fortnite: Battle Royale, Overwach, Minecraft or that world-famous spoiler of Final Fantasy VII, the video gathers in just over a minute the living history of video games in the most sympathetic and idiosyncratic way of Among Us, with those particular characters that, curiously, just two months ago were complete strangers among so many video games available on computer and mobile devices.

We recommend not watching the video in case you are sensitive to plot spoils if you have not completed any of the mentioned video games.

Among Us also sweeps Spain; its developers rule out a sequel

Among Us is also a trend in Spain. The title has established itself as one of the video games with the most active users today, according to a recent report by Clasif. Around the world, at the end of this month of September there were already more than 60 million players worldwide, figures available to very few and that, at the same time, seem to be the tip of the iceberg seen what has been seen.

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Now, what is the future of Among Us? Its creators, a small studio, have ruled out the development of the already started sequel, which is on pause until further notice, since they still believe they can exploit the possibilities of the current game with new content, modes and quality of life details that the community demands.

Among Us is available on computer and iOS and Android mobile devices. Here we explain how to play and download it for free.


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