Among Us received a beta update! Here’s what’s new


Recently, Among Us, which gained popularity, received the beta update. The first game became popular as the developer team worked on Among Us 2. Seeing this, the developer team turned all its focus to the first game and started working on developing.

How to install the Among Us beta update

There are no official notes about the update, but diehard followers of the game created an unofficial patch list with the information they found in the game’s subdirectory. The features found in the beta update are as follows:

Anonymous Voting

Before starting the game, you do not see the votes that players give to each other by selecting anonymous votes in the settings. Thus, it is not visible who voted for whom at the end of the meeting.

Taskbar Settings

You can change when the taskbar appears during the game. You can either make the taskbar invisible only during the meeting and make it visible during the game or mark it so that it is never visible.

Colorblind Support

In the cable role, cable colors can be quite challenging for colorblind gamers. For players who are color blind, the problem is resolved with this update. Now there will be a shape corresponding to the color of each wire. This way, color blind players will be able to find the shapes and the right cable combinations.

The beta update is currently only available for the PC version. Installing the game’s beta update is quite simple. Right click on Among Us in your Steam library and navigate to properties. In the window that opens, go to the Betas tab and select public-beta. This way you will start downloading the beta update.

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