Among Us! reaches 1.5 million simultaneous players


This new phenomenon has exploded just as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also making a lot of noise. The revolution of games that come quietly, but that cause a real madness among players.

Among Us! It is not a new product, it is a title whose success has been simmered, although when it exploded it did so with a very loud explosion. A noise similar to that caused by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, despite the fact that in the case of the latter its triumph began as soon as it was commercialized. Returning to Among Us !, it should be noted that Innersloth’s work has reached a new milestone: 1.5 million players enjoying the experience at the same time.

“The servers of Among Us! they are full again, ”they commented in a tweet posted over the weekend. “We are reaching 1.5 million online players concurrently!” The studio located in Washington (United States) is made up of only 3 people, so it has had to deal with the problems of success, since the video game was not designed for the volume of people that the product has today. Of those 1.5 million, almost all come from the free-to-play version on mobile phones, while the peak on Steam has been about 182,774 concurrent users.

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