Among Us! premieres a short fan in real action


Two German filmmakers convey the essence of Among Us! to a movie of about 12 minutes that is available for free on YouTube.

Among Us! It has become the surprise of the year, a 2020 in which other phenomena such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or Genshin Impact have appeared. The peculiarity is that the Innersloth title was launched years ago, but it is now that it has become popular. The developers of this indie title thought of developing a sequel, but have ultimately chosen to improve on the current product. And in the meantime, some fans have dedicated or recorded a short based on the video game.

In this title, players must find the infiltrator, who will not hesitate to kill the crew and sabotage the systems so that space travel comes out in the worst possible way. However, its cartoon design takes it away from any realism, something that does not happen in this live action movie. Produced by German filmmakers Jay and Arya, the Among Us short focuses on the concept of the game: a crew trapped in a room tries to determine who the infiltrator is.

Science fiction with a realistic twist

As the danger increases, the crew begins to feel threatened. Quite normal behavior, considering that the sabotage is posing as one of them. In the shadows, using stealth, he tries to assassinate his supposed companions one by one. Mercilessly. Will they discover your identity? You can see all this and much more in the video that we publish on these lines. Just 12 minutes are enough to tell this science fiction story with touches of horror and suspense.

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Among Us is available on iOS and Android mobile devices under the free-to-play model, while PC players can purchase it on Steam for a price of 3.99 euros. The game was recently updated to strengthen its anti-cheat system, as it is a title that is highly attacked by hacks.


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