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InnerSloth reveals what they have in mind for future game updates given their unexpected success. Its goal is to improve the overall experience.

InnerSloth, the development studio in charge of Among Us !, has big plans for the future of the video game. After a success that no one saw coming – capable of surpassing Fall Guys and Fortnite in players and views in recent weeks – its creators have drawn up the roadmap for the title in order to guarantee the best possible game experience.

In a meeting with Kotaku, the chief programmer of Among Us !, Forest Williard, has revealed that there were moments in the last two years where they were about to throw in the towel: the game was not liked enough and it was not a commercial success. But, suddenly, the title skyrocketed in searches, players, and live matches on broadcast protales, which has precipitated an immediate change of plans: they will incorporate more roles and a progression system.

They want to balance the interest of all types of roles
“The general plan really hasn’t changed,” they begin by saying. Its objective is to offer users what they are asking for, such as lists of friends, which are to come. “People want to be the impostor. As a general rule, there are only 1 or 2 imposters. Therefore, making teammates as interesting as imposters is a real solution for us. The idea is that when you get tired of that constant loop you can add more things. That you can flip a switch and activate new roles or change the set of rules and thus have a new experience. That is what we want to achieve. “

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