Among Us! Maps: The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus: Details


We tell you what characteristics each of the three maps available in Among Us! Has: The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus as long as you can master them.

In Among Us! we can find up to three different maps. The vast majority of games start at The Skeld, but we also have Mira HQ and Polus as alternate settings. Therefore, below we detail the characteristics and details that make up each of them, provided that whether you have to be impostors or innocent crew members, you can dominate the game without any problem.

The Skeld; details and features

As we have mentioned, it is the most common map and where a greater number of games will take place. It is made up of various rooms, which we leave you in detail here, in addition to specifying the functions that we can do in each of these rooms:

  • Reactor: start reactor and unlock manifolds.
  • Upper and Lower Motor: align motor output, divert power to upper / lower motor.
  • Security: check the surveillance cameras.
  • Medical Wing: sample inspection and send scan
  • Electricity: divert power to higher motor
  • Cafeteria: empty trash and upload data
  • Warehouse: recharge engines
  • Administration: use card
  • Communications: download data and divert power to communications
  • O2: empty container, divert energy to O2 and clean the O2 filter
  • Armory: destroy asteroids, upload data and divert energy to Armory.
  • Shields: Power up shields and divert energy to shields.
  • Navigation: navigation map, upload data, divert power to navigation and stabilize
  • direction.
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