Among Us, launched The Airship map and reporting system


It was a long wait, but finally The Airship map reached success Among Us! In general, this is the largest map ever made for the game, with more tasks, hats, accessories and areas to explore, and developer Innersloth revealed the full notes for the new patch.

In the fourth map released, it is possible to choose which room you prefer to start the game, in addition to enjoying greater mobility on the stairs and on mobile platforms in the scenario. It is now also possible to report players who are not behaving properly!

This includes harassment that takes place through offensive names and abusive chat, which can result in permanent bans even on the player’s alternative accounts. Each report will be read by real human beings, not bots, so you need to justify the reasons for your report in detail and clearly.

When creating a game account, you now gain access to the free chat and can also change your username as seen by others. Without an account, your name will be random and you will play in Guest mode. Remember that it is possible that several people have the same name, as they are not exclusive.

What did you think of these updates? Have you tried the new map? Comment below!


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