Among Us is horribly imagined by God of War art director


Raf Grassetti uses his talents to reveal what he believes to be hidden under the impostors’ helmets in Among Us

The art director behind God of War 2018 has released his own fan art of Among Us on the internet, and is nothing short of a fuel for nightmares. Although Among Us has existed since 2018, it has only recently begun to gather a large and sudden number of players. The murder and sci-fi horror game requires players to use their powers of deduction to unravel Impostors from within their ranks of innocent-looking crews quickly, or end up dead by the imposter.

Two years after its initial release, Among Us recently became a cult classic among gamers. Many high-profile Twitch streamers and YouTubers have released videos of themselves playing to ease the boredom of quarantine, for the entertainment of fans and other players. Its simple, minimalist graphics may not be what many players today are used to, especially now that more realistic and smooth 4K games are being released, but that hasn’t diminished Among Us’ slightly macabre gameplay. if the rest of the crew has a premature end, the game is engaging, tense and in a dark mood.

Raf Grassetti, full-time art director at Sony Santa Monica Studios and part-time 3D artist, shared a frightening interpretation of what must be hiding under the indistinct space helmets worn by Impostors on Among Us on Instagram. In his reimagination, a writhing mass of tentacles protrudes out of the red space suit, while the parasite inside breaks through the blue crewman’s display, killing him. This depiction is probably inspired by the method of killing in the imposter game using a spear-like tongue to hit the head of an unsuspecting crew member, but it looks much more grotesque from the CGI expert than from the 2D aesthetics of the actual game.

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